21-Step Search & Selection Process

Client Partnership + Defined Search & Selection Process = Practically Guaranteed Success

CERS founders have condensed our years of successful search experience into an exclusive 21-step process and overall plan of action to find, attract, and deliver the best candidates in your market. This logical and structured approach means we are not reinventing the wheel each time we undertake a search. Instead, we concentrate all of our resources on tailoring the search process to build the best candidate pool for your unique requirements.

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5 year guarantee

Industry-leading guarantees

Our 21-step search process makes professional hiring fast and affordable, but more importantly, we stand behind it. Your total satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, and the unparalleled level of protection we extend exemplifies this commitment.

Like many staffing firms, CERS offers 100% free replacement up to 90 calendar days for direct hire placements. But unlike most agencies, CERS provides priority replacement searches that stretch beyond the 90-day limit. In fact, CERS has guarantee extension options that extend for up to 5 years*.

We’re confident that any associates we send you will be highly productive, but if you find they aren’t working out, let us know and we’ll take care of it immediately. Depending on the position, we also provide guarantees that range from just a few hours to as long as a full week.

Only applicable to positions with an annual salary of $50K+