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Should employers force workers to get COVID-19 vaccine? Some experts say they should

Employers grappling with COVID-19’s impact on the workplace may soon be forced to make another tough decision after months of agonizing over layoffs, furloughs and the right strategies to keep their businesses afloat during the pandemic. The next challenge? Should they require workers to take vaccines? Some companies concerned about liability issues, health and safety may need […]

How to prepare your business in the COVID-19 era

Preparing your office can be a challenge in this current atmosphere. Here are some tips that we follow here in our Cutting Edge Recruiting Solutions (CERS) office: Use social distancing and require masks in all common areas at all times Have hand sanitizer available at all touch points, doors, elevators, and bathrooms Utilize Nanoseptic self-cleaning […]

IT Specialist or Jack of All Trades?

IT professionals typically fall into one of two categories: specialists and generalists. When choosing one path, it can be difficult to move into the other, and most IT pros feel pressure to make a choice very early in their careers. However, IT professionals should take heart. One path is not any better or worse than […]

How to Attract Top IT Talent in South Florida

Traditionally, when we think of hotspots for tech jobs, we think of California, Boston, or even Seattle. However, South Florida has made a significant play as a top region for IT jobs in recent years. The gains have been quiet, capturing very little national attention, but they have been steadily growing. However, despite the changing […]

What you need to know before accepting a counter offer for an IT job

IT talent in South Florida is in high demand, and as a result, IT professionals are becoming much more aggressive in salary negotiations. When an employer accepts your counter offer, it’s usually a good sign. After all, you’re getting exactly what you asked for. However, it’s important to know what you’re getting into. Some employers […]

Start Conducting “Stay” Interviews

Many South Florida companies utilize exit interviews to help them determine why employees move on to new opportunities. However, waiting until someone’s last day to ask them why they were dissatisfied does little to manage employee turnover. A much more successful approach to employee retention is to adopt the practice of “stay interviews.” What is […]