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How to properly resign (and why it’s important)

Gone are the days where someone would stay at a job for their entire life. Studies have shown that people working today are more likely to work in multiple careers throughout their life, rather than sticking with one. So, chances are whatever job you have now, there’s going to come a time when you decide […]

What CERS is thankful for this Thanksgiving

Next week is Thanksgiving, the time of year where (mostly) everyone gets off work and is afforded quality time to spend with their friends and families and reflect upon what they’re thankful for. Though, most people probably only focus on their personal blessings and don’t focus too much on their professional ones, beyond “I’m thankful […]

So you’ve decided to work with a staffing agency – now what?

There are a lot of reasons that an organization might decide to start working with a staffing agency: perhaps they don’t have the time or resources to properly vet all of their candidates; maybe they realize it makes more financial sense to outsource finding candidates; or all their candidates they’ve been finding and interviewing are […]

How to cope with long-term unemployment

Anyone who has been unemployed for a significant amount of time knows that it is a drain on not only your mental health, but your physical health as well. When we have a job, we feel useful and productive. Once our job is gone, those feelings start to go away with it. On top of […]

Good news for IT and tech workers in South Florida

Whether you currently work in IT, or you’re thinking about switching into it, now is a great time to do so, especially if you live in South Florida. IT and tech workers are seeing their industries grow in this area, and wages are also on the rise. As this is not the case everywhere in […]