technologies to learn in 2017

The best technologies to learn in 2017

One problem facing many workers today is complacency. There’s a mindset that once you learn the required skills, tools, or information, you can stop learning. For instance, if your job requires you to write code exclusively in Java, you’ll probably learn everything you need to know about Java and ignore other programming languages. And while this may make you perform well at your current job, you could face some challenges down the road.

The problem is that while you’re still using the same techniques and skills at your current job, the world around you is changing. One day, the programming language you’re working with could become obsolete and you’ll need to start using another. Or perhaps you decide to apply to another job but are unable to find one because your skills have not kept up with the times. Unlike some other fields, those that work in the tech industry need to keep up with the latest tech trends and information or risk falling behind.

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If you want to make sure you are always in the best position to succeed, you will likely need to devote some of your free time to learning new things. This means not only keeping up with any advancements to the things you already know, but exploring new topics and mastering them as well. The following list of popular new technologies to learn is a good place to start.


One of the most popular programming languages in recent years, Go (or Golang) was released by Google back in 2009. Go was styled to resemble the C language, but aims to make it simpler and shorter. While Go can be used for many functions, it is best at stand-alone command line apps or web servers. Go is completely open-source, and there are numerous tutorials online that can help you to get started.


Another programming language maintained by Google, AngularJS is an open source JavaScript-based framework primarily used for front-end web applications. AngularJS was designed to fix many of the issues faced when developing single-page applications by simplifying both the development and the testing of these applications. AngularJS is currently being used by thousands of websites, including large corporations such as NBC, Walgreens, Intel, Sprint, and more.


This popular JavaScript runtime environment is used for a variety of server tools and applications. At its core, Node.js allows you to build web servers and networking tools using Javascript. While similar to PHP, Node.js is different in that in PHP, most commands execute only after previous commands have completed, while in Node.js, they can execute in parallel. Some large corporations that currently use Node.js include Netflix, Walmart, IBM, Yahoo, and GoDaddy.

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React is another Javascript run-time environment that allows developers to create large web applications – primarily ones that deal with changing data, without having to reload the web page. You can see this being utilized in websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Netflix and Feedly, which want to display data without needing to reload the web page each time.

Big data

Besides specific programming languages, there are other technologies you can consider. For example, many businesses are now dealing with Big Data, making it a great skill to learn. Big Data is a term for essentially a large volume of data that companies can search through and analyze in order to make business decisions. To get started with Big Data, you’ll want to become familiar with the variety of technologies associated with it. There are many online resources, such as courses on Udemy, to learn the basics.

The cloud

Cloud-based services have been growing rapidly over the past few years. Conducting their business on the cloud allows companies to work on the go, backup all their important files, and more easily share information. Someone who is familiar with cloud-based services, and who can set up a company to operate on the cloud, is going to be in demand for years to come. This article is a good primer to get you started.

Cross platform mobile app dev tools

Finally, anyone who has been following the tech industry over the past few years will have noticed a shift from desktop computers towards mobile devices. There is a wide range of mobile devices – including the popular iPhone, the various Android devices, and more – and each device typically has the ability to install numerous applications. Rather than developing an app for just one of these phones, cross platform mobile app development tools allow developers to quickly and efficiently make their app for a wide range of phone types. There are a variety of development tools to try out, such as Adobe PhoneGap, Corona, Xamarin, and more. If you’re thinking about getting into app development, your best bet is to learn one of these cross platform software products.

How to start learning

There are a lot of ways that you can go about picking up these new technologies. Most of them have online resources that will help you out, or you can try websites like Code Academy which offer online classes on several different programming languages. If that doesn’t work for you, you could always pick up a book on programming from Amazon, or see if your local library has anything for you.

Finally, the best way to learn a new technology is sometimes to simply try it out. Pick up some of the basics, and then just start using it. You can only learn so much from a book or an online course, and at some point, you’ll need to start trying things out for yourself.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in your career is becoming complacent. The world around you is changing, and if you want to succeed, you need to change with it. Keep on top of the current trends, and spend some of your free time learning new things. There’s a chance that you’ll never use the new programming language or technology you just learned, but if a job you want opens up that requires it, you’ll be happy you spent a few weekends with your nose in a book.