Office Services Staffing

Screening and interviewing office and support candidates can be a monumental task. When you need to fill those vacant positions, the last thing you want to do is sift through dozens of resumes, screen candidates, and perform face to face interviews all in addition to your regular duties & responsibilities.

The hiring process can be time consuming and complicated, making it tempting to cut corners and just hire anyone who seems good enough. That’s why CERS has simplified the hiring process to help you hire great people quickly.

The recruiters in our Office Services division examine your corporate culture, department responsibilities, leadership style, and the overall dynamics of your team to staff office, administrative, customer service, human resources, accounting, and marketing positions.

CERS is equipped to find the office candidate with the right personality and skills for your position. When needed, our Office Services recruiters assess candidates’ skills such as typing speed and software proficiency. With over 2800 assessments available, we’re confident we can test candidates’ ability to hit the ground running.

We invest our time and expertise to find the great office employee so you can continue to focus on your business. Our approach empowers you to hire with total confidence. We’re so confident that we even guarantee your hire for up to 5 years.