Temp-to-Hire Office Staffing Services

From time to time, companies struggle with determining whether a potential office job candidate will be a good cultural fit to the organization. At the same time, companies may also have trouble finding suitable candidates in the first place, or perhaps experience consistent issues with hiring the wrong candidates and losing them due to a poor company culture fit.

Two birds, one stone

CERS’ temp-to-hire office staffing services are a unique solution to these common hiring headaches.

We take the candidate sourcing and screening responsibilities off your plate entirely thanks to our 21-step candidate recruitment process. When you select a potentially suitable administrative associate to join your team, all you need to do is sit back and evaluate your temp’s impact on your organization in real time.

After a predetermined amount of time – which is entirely up to your company – you will ask, “Is this individual a good fit for the role and responsibilities of this administrative position, but more importantly, our company culture?”

Once answered, you have a decision to make. You can extend an offer to the temporary office staff member to stay on the team permanently, or you separate from them. That’s all.

Whichever direction you go with your office temp, CERS has your back. Since we handle the liability for all HR-related documents and payroll, we painlessly transition your new administrative employee to your company’s processes if you keep them. If not, we simply end their assignment and, if needed, provide you another temporary office staff member to try before you commit.

Company culture can be a strong tool for building cohesion amongst employees and, ultimately, boosting morale and overall productivity. Temp-to-hire office staffing services are a valuable tool to smoothly hire and onboard the perfect office employee to retain for hopefully a long time.

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