Temporary Office Staffing Services

When a department or company is spread too thin, it can easily begin to suffer from productivity decreases or missed deadlines. Whether it’s due to employee absences or sudden workload increases, temporary clerical staffing services provide administrative support for unpredictable workloads, project work, seasonal peaks, and other short-term needs, such as vacations or leaves of absence.

Temporary office staffing offers a fast and effective solution for as long as you need – allowing you to maintain a core workforce that can be quickly expanded or contracted to accomplish your company’s needs for support positions in a variety of departments, including sales, human resources, marketing, accounting, customer service, and fulfillment.

More productivity, less responsibility

CERS maintains a large pool of talented and experienced office and administrative candidates, on-call and available to supplement your support team quickly. Our clerical job seekers have been screened, interviewed, and assessed by our recruiters in our Office Services Division.

Temporary office staff keeps your workforce flexible enough to maintain peak productivity and, in most cases, boost it. Additionally, you deal with less of the responsibilities of managing temporary office staff members, such as standard human resource paperwork, unemployment claims, workers’ compensation claims, and payroll liabilities. We simply assign our associates to work under your direction and supervision and take care of everything else.

We’re ready to help

Enjoy total control over your deadlines and projects by getting exclusive access to as few or as many office employees as you need. We will do all the heavy lifting as far as ensuring a transparent blending of skills and culture and taking care of all HR-related issues. Whatever your needs, our Office Services recruiters are here to help.

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