You are not alone.  All industries are trying to recover in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.  It is a fact that applications are down and, unfortunately, many people don’t want to return to an office or are content receiving Government assistance.  Here at Cutting Edge Recruiting Solutions (CERS) we have identified 5 main reasons that are making your recruiting process harder and we have unique solutions to assist you in getting ahead of this situation:


In the wake of the global pandemic and COVID related conditions, the United States has a severe shortage of workers with required education, skills and drive to reengage.  It becomes more important than ever to have an efficient means of determining who will be best suited for a given job. Truly qualified Candidates are scarce, have work from home (WFM) requirements or are fielding multiple interviews and offers.

With over 10 years of experience in placing qualified talent in a vast array of positions, at CERS we have access to an immense data-pool of qualified Candidates for you to choose from, including passive Candidates that you may never find on a job board. Additionally, our Account Managers and delivery team are experts at understanding your requirements and are trained in interview techniques to uncover the right Candidates. CERS also offer testing options to quantify skill level for tasks and applications.


Decreased pool of applicants makes the job market incredibly competitive and renders useless many Candidate targeting strategies even though they vary depending on the industry and size of the employer.   Increased demand has ballooned the cost of advertising and many are forced to rethink previous boundaries when analyzing job audiences, demographics, required skill sets and location.

Our recruiting approach is simple: CERS recruiters in Technology & Workforce Solutions follow a structured 21-step process when performing a Candidate search. This process is thorough, but fast.   We made solid investments in time, resources and technology, so our clients don’t have to and we guarantee their satisfaction every time. If you don’t extend one of our Candidates an offer of employment which they accept, you owe nothing!  In other words, a client has ZERO RISK unless we perform! We provide qualified Candidates, not just resumes.


Candidates are now interviewing you. Competitive culture, benefits packages, training, flexible schedules, work/life balance and compensation are a few features Candidates typically look at when making a decision to consider a company’s opportunity.  The sheer number of open positions combined with extraordinary and long-term unemployment benefits along with the unique political climate makes the market volatile and it’s easy to lose sight over the real value of the position and the cost of a vacancy in your department. The demand for new hires is outpacing supply by millions especially in trendy areas like digital transformation & marketing.

We are on the front lines of the war for talent. At CERS we are continuously monitoring and researching employee wants as well as competitor offerings. This allows us to gather the pulse of the market and guide you to get ahead of your competitors.


Designing a balanced compensation model includes variables such remote working or hybrid solutions, office time schedules, personal growth, and business needs among many others.  Today you need a new approach that takes new additional variables into consideration making it harder to hire the right employee to fit into your company culture.

Today, it is essential to offer a balanced compensation model which may include benefits such as remote working, flexible office schedules, career pathing, etc…  At CERS, we help you design an industry-accepted modern approach that takes new additional variables into consideration making it easier to hire the right employee to fit into your company culture.


The world has changed dramatically throughout Covid-19 and affected the skillset landscape necessary to deal with such events affecting your business.  Many companies are trying to hire at a faster pace, wrestling with being fast enough to win before the Candidates accept offers elsewhere as they are more mobile than ever before. When you’re offering a job, it’s easy to seem like you’re bypassing the necessary steps to finding the best Candidate for your company.  You could instead be putting off crucial steps.

While most businesses reeling from the pandemic have sped up their recruiting process in the race to hire Candidates before there aren’t any left, they risk skipping over crucial red flags or dream Candidates whom could have been identified. At CERS, we make sure you will never miss a diamond in the rough by never putting off crucial steps. We trust the process and so should you.

If your organization is searching for the right match with specific skills, at Cutting Edge Recruiting Solutions we represent outstanding Candidates and have all the tools to help you recruit effectively.  We made solid investments in time, resources and technology so you don’t have to, our and we guarantee your satisfaction every time with coverage up to 5 years, guaranteed. Plus, you have nothing to lose; if you don’t make a hire, you don’t pay a dime.


Here’s what you will receive during the call:
  1. Review of your position, requirements, and compensation as it relates to others in your market going after the same candidate profile.
  2. Strategies to decrease your time to fill the open position(s).
  3. Feedback on your hiring process from a candidate’s perspective.

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